Welcome to the web site of the Southern Africa Association for the Advancement of Science, also known as the S2A3. The Association was founded in 1902, making it the oldest scientific organisation in the country. Please see the History of the Association section for more information.

The S2A3 presents a number of prestigious awards to promising postgraduate students and young as well as established scientists. In addition, the Pretoria Branch organizes public, popular lectures during the year. A overview of past lectures is available. In order to be kept up to date with the latest lectures, please join our mailing list.

S2A3 is run by volunteers. Without their input the S2A3 would no longer exist.

We hope you find our web site informative as far as the activities of the Association are concerned. Please forward any queries or suggestions about this web site to the Webmaster.

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Directions to the Sci-Enza

The lectures of the Pretoria Branch of the S2A3 are usually held in the Auditorium of the Sci-Enza (GPS coordinates of the entrance: 25.7519 S, 28.2316 E, or just look up "Sci-Enza" on Goolge Maps).

The most practical access to campus is via the University Road entrance. Do not enter the parking lot, but drive up the ramp, and turn left at the mini-circle. Follow the Ring Road and drive a quarter of the way around the campus; Sci-Enza, a white building, will be on your left just before you get to the Mirage.

Past presidents of the S2A3:

1903                      Sir David Gill - Cape Town

1904                     Sir Charles Metcalfe - Johannesburg

1905                     Theodore Reunert - Johannesburg

1906                     Gardner F Williams - Kimberley

1907                     Dr James Hyslop - Durban

1908                     H E the Hon. Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinson - Grahamstown

1909                     H E Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams - Bloemfontein

1910                     Dr Thomas Muir - Cape Town

1911                     Prof P D Hahn - Bulawayo

1912                     Sir Arnold Theiler - Port Elizabeth

1913                     Dr A W Roberts - Lourenco Marques

1914                     Professor Rudolph Marloth - Kimberley

1915                     Dr R T A Innes - Pretoria

1916                      Professor L Crawford - Pietermaritzburg

1917                      Professor John Orr - Stellenbosch

1918                      Dr C F Juritz - Johannesburg

1919                      Rev W Flint - King Williamstown

1920                      Dr I B Pole-Evans - Bulawayo

1921                      Prof J E Duerden - Durban

1922                      Dr A W Rogers - Lourenco Marques

1923                      Professor J D F Gilchrist - Bloemfontein

1924                      Professor J A Wilkinson - Cape Town

1925                      General the Rt Hon J C Smuts - Oudtshoorn

1926                      Dr E T Mellor - Pretoria

1927                      Professor Harold B Fantham - Salisbury

1928                      Sir Carruthers Beattie - Kimberley

1929                      Hon J H Hofmeyr - South Africa [Cape Town and Johannesburg]

1930                      H E Wood - Caledon

1931                      Professor J W Bews - Grahamstown

1932                      Professor P J du Toit - Durban

1933                      Dr Robert Broom - Barberton

1934                      Dr A L du Toit - Port Elizabeth

1935                      Dr M M Rindl - Paarl

1936                      H E the Rt Hon the Earl of Clarendon - Johannesburg

1937                      Lt.-Col C Graham-Botha - Windhoek

1938                      Professor L F Maingard - Pietermaritzburg

1939                      Professor G H Stanley - East London

1940                      Professor C G S de Villiers - Johannesburg

1941                      James Gray - Johannesburg

1942                      Dr E P Phillips - Johannesburg

1943                      Dr A Pijper - Johannesburg

1944                      Col J G Rose - Johannesburg

1945                      E C Chubb - Johannesburg

1946                      Dr the Hon F E T Krause - Pretoria

1947                      Professor H H Paine - Oudtshoorn

1948                      Dr S H Skaife - Lourenco Marques

1949                      Dr Gilles de Kock - Kimberley

1950                      Professor C van Riet Lowe - Salisbury

1951                      Professor E G Malherbe - Durban

1952                      Dr B F J Schonland - Cape Town

1953                      Professor Raymond A Dart - Bulawayo

1954                      Professor P R Kirby - Bloemfontein

1955                      Dr T B Davie - Grahamstown

1956                      Dr S Meiring-Naude - Nelspruit

1957                      Professor R H Compton - Pretoria

1958                      Professor A E H Bleksley - Lourenco Marques

1959                      Dr R Elsdon-Dew - Pietermaritzburg

1960                      Dr Bernard Smit - Johannesburg

1961                      Dr R A Dyer - Port Elizabeth

1962                      Dr J P Duminy - Cape Town

1963                      Dr Simon Biesheuwel - Durban

1964                      Professor Govert C van Drimmelen

1965                      Dr R H Marloth - East London

1966                      Dr A C Hoffman - Stellenbosch

1967                      Professor C A du Toit

1968                      Mr J L Lintner - Lourenco Marques

1969                      Professor J F V Phillips - Pietermaritzburg

1970                      Professor I D Macrone - Cape Town

1971                      Professor A W Bayer - Durban

                               Professor J P F Sellschop - Executive

1972                      Dr G R Bozzoli - Johannesburg

                               Professor J P F Sellschop - Executive

1973                      Professor S H Haughton - Pretoria

                              Mr D F Retief - Executive

1974                      Dr J M Hyslop - Grahamstown

                              Mr D F Retief - Executive

1975/76                Professor O Wipplinger - Stellenbosch [AGM] and Nelspruit

1977/78                Mr L S Richfield - Potchefstroom [AGM] and Stellenbosch

1979/80                Professor D M Joubert - Pretoria [AGM] and Pretoria

1981/82                Mr D G Kingwill - Pretoria [AGM] and Pretoria

1983/84                R D Griesel

1985/86                Dr G K Nelson

1987                     Brig G N Robertson

1988/89/90          Professor Eric Holm

1990/91                Professor Paul Smit

1991- May1996  Professor Johann Wolfaardt

May 1996/2012  Dr Ian Raper


List of award winners: S2A3 Certificate of Merit

1948 Mr J H Power (palaeontology); J A Swan (archaeology); Ethyl L Gray (history of geology)

1949 A J E Gibbs (protozoology)

1950 G W Reynolds (botany); S H Rubidge (palaeontology)

1954 S F le Roux (palaeobotany, archaeology)

1958 John Voelcker (natural history); A R Willcox (rock art); J Moreira Rato (marine biology)

1963 J J Rudner (archaeology); T M Salter (botany)

1964-1966 James Kitching (palaeontology); A R Hughes (physical and palaeo-anthropology)

1967 R A Jubb (freshwater fish)

1981 Dr C G Crocker; Dr Graham S Baker (advancement of science); Mr Derek Griffiths

1982 Brig G N Robertson (advancement of science); Mr Jan C Horn and Mr Marinus W Wijnbeek (public understanding of science)

1983 Prof M M Smith; Dr C F Albrecht; Mr D Gray; Miss I Hitchcock

1986 Mr Isaac Macdonald Badirwang Thoka (science education)

1987 Prof Danie Joubert

1989 Dr Bertha van Drimmelen (service to S2A3); Mr Eugen Helius Hanau (service to S2A3); Dr Frans August Korb (service to S2A3); Mrs Anne Pauline Bentum (service to S2A3)

1990 Prof Michael J Wingfield (plant pathology); Dr Ortrud Ruth Oellerman (graph theory)

1991 Mrs Esme den Dulk (service to S2A3); Prof David Gerhardus Roux (chemistry, service to S2A3); Mr Derek J Gray (science education); Prof Keith Paul Klugman (medical microbiology)

1992 Mr Carl Heinrich Ahlers (science education); Mr Lawrence Graham Robertson (education); Mr William Macdonald Smith (education); Dr Frans August Korb (psychiatry)

1993 Prof Kristo Pienaar (botany, public understanding of science); Dr Abraham Johannes van Zyl (technical education); Prof Walter Friedrich Wargau (astronomy); Dr Marissa Rollnick (science education)

1994 Mr Gerard A den Dulk (posthumous, service to S2A3); Gencor Development Trust (sponsorship)

1995 Prof J Wolfaardt (service to S2A3); Dr F Kok (service to S2A3)

1996 Mrs Ursula Ortner (posthumous, service to S2A3); Mr Marinus W Wijnbeek (public understanding of science); Mr Gert Frederick (Fritz) van Rooyen (chemistry, advancement of science)

1997 Dr Edmund Glyn Jones (service to S2A3)

1998 Dr Gerhard von Gruenewald (geology, service to S2A3); Prof John D Bradley (science education); Dr Graham Baker (special award, advancement of science)

1999 Prof Geoffrey Falkson (oncology); Prof Willem Oelofsen (service to S2A3); Dr Erla Harden (chemistry); Dr Lajos Vari (entomology)

2000 Mr Hermann Ortner (service to S2A3)

2001 Dr Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman (arachnology); Mr Mike Lawrie (development of the internet in SA); Dr J J Taljaard (meteorology)

2002 Dr Johann Carl (John) Vogel (radiological dating); 50/50 TV series team (knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment); Prof P D Tyson (meteorology); Dr Charles Kimberlin (Bob) Brain (zoology, palaeontology); Prof Will Alexander (civil engineering); Dr Phil C Minnaar (service to S2A3); Prof Govert Cornelis van Drimmelen (service to S2A3)

2003 Mr Mohammed Valli Moosa (conservation of the environment); Prof Gideon Smith (botany); the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa (nature conservation); Mrs Shirley Korsman (service to S2A3)

2004 Prof Bruce Robertson (botany, service to S2A3); Prof John Skinner (mammal research)

2006 Dr Ian Raper (service to S2A3)

2009 Prof Casper Schutte (service to S2A3); Mrs Engela van Dyk (service to S2A3); Mrs Renaene van Dyk (service to S2A3); Mr Michael Ortner (service to S2A3); Prof Cornelis Plug (service to S2A3).

2014 Ms Isabel Davies (science education); Mr Arden Meyer (service to S2A3)

List of award winners: S2A3 Merit Certificate

1981   Dr Graham Baker

1988   No Merit awards made

1989   Dr Frans Korb

1989   Mnr E Hanau

1989   Dr B van Drimmelen

1989   Mev A Bentum

1990   Prof M Wingfield

1990   Prof E Holm

1990   Dr O R Oellermann

1991   Mrs E den Dulk

1991   Prof D G Roux

1991   Mr Derek Gray

1991   Prof K Klugman

1992   Dr F Korb

1992   Mnr C H Ahlers

1992   Mnr L Robertson

1992   Mr William Smith

1993   Prof Christo Pienaar

1993   Dr A van Zyl

1993   Prof W F Wargau

1993   Dr Marissa Rollnick

1994   Mr G A den Dulk (posthumous)

1994   Gencor Development Trust

1995   Prof J Wolfaardt

1995   Dr F Kok

1996   Mrs Ursula Ortner (posthumous)

1996   Mr Marinus Wijnbeek

1996   Mr Fritz van Rooyen

1997   Dr Edmund Glyn Jones

1998   Dr Gerhard von Gruenewaldt

1998   Prof John Bradley

1999   Prof Geoffrey Falkson

1999   Prof Willem Oelofsen 

1999   Dr Lajos Vari

1999   Ms Erla Ortner

2000   Mr Hermann Ortner

2001   Dr Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman

2001   Mr Mike Lawrie

2001   Dr J J Taljaard

2002   50/50 team

2002   Prof Will Alexander

2002   Dr Bob Brain

2002   Dr Phil Minnaar

2002   Prof Peter Tyson

2002   Dr John Vogel

2002   Prof Govert van Drimmelen (Centenary Award) 

List of award winners: British Association Medal (Silver)

List of award winners: British Association Medal - Silver

1932 Miss Nellie Fairbairn Paterson

1933 Miss Tikvah Alper

1935 Miss Margaret Orford

1936 Mr Oliver West

1937 Dr L H Wells

1938 Miss Joan M Murray

1939 Dr J H L Cloete

1940 Miss M E Malan

1943 Miss K Pentz

1946 Miss C C Kritzinger

1949 Mr A L Smit

1950 Mr M J Toerien

1952 Mr J G Theron

1953 Dr Phillip V Tobias

1955 Mr D E van Dijk

1966 Mr D M Hawkins

1967 Mr G R Beaton

1968 Mr de V B Lamprecht

1974 Mr I T Crocker

1976 Mr G Contrafatto

1980 Prof D Mitchell

1981 Dr Elizabeth S Vrba (palaeontology)

1982 Dr Bruce Burley Copley (physical education)

1983 Dr James B Clark

1984 Dr T J Robinson (mammalian systematics)

1986 Prof Michael Noel Bruton (ichthyology)

1987 Dr Christoff  Pauw (electrical engineering)

1989 Prof Ronald Anderson (immunology)

1990 Prof Derek Albert McNamara (electronic and computer engineering)

1991 Prof Ortrud Ruth Oellermann (computer science)

1992 Prof Jan Stephanus Jakob van Deventer (metallurgical engineering)

1993 Prof Barend Mattheus Herbst (applied mathematics)

1994 Dr Simon Henry Connell (physics)

1995 Prof Johan Heinrich Richter Enslin (electrical engineering)

1996 Prof Edward Henry Mathews (mechanical engineering)

1997 Prof Wayne Dean Goddard (computer science)

1998 Prof Ocker C de Jager (physics)

1999 Prof Steven Loudon Chown (entomology)

2000 Prof Christiaan Aldrich (metallurgical engineering)

2001 Prof Dan J. Stein (psychiatry)

2002 Dr Jacobus Maree Greeff (genetics)

2006 Dr Peter Dunsby (theoretical cosmology)

2007 Prof Alexander Myburg (plant molecular genetics)

2008 Prof Thokozani Majozi (chemical engineering)

2009 Dr Lizette Leonie Koekemoer (medical entomology)

2010 Dr Bernard Slippers (pathogens of trees)

2011 Prof Alta E Schutte (human cardiovascular physiology)

2012 Prof Landon Myer (epidemiology)

2013 Prof Graeme S Cumming (ecology)

2014 Prof Genevieve Sarah Langdon (mechanical engineering)

List of award winners: British Association Medal - Silver

1932   Miss Nellie Freebairn Paterson 

1933   Miss Tikvah Alper 

1935   Miss Margaret Orford 

1936   Mr Oliver West 

1937   Dr L H Wells 

1938   Miss Joan M Murray 

1939   Dr J H L Cloete 

1940   Miss M E Malan 

1943   Miss K Pentz 

1946   Miss C C Kritzinger 

1949   Mr A L Smit 

1950   Mr M J Toerien 

1952   Mr J G Theron 

1953   Dr Phillip V Tobias 

1955   Mr D E van Dijk 

1966   Mr D M Hawkins 

1967   Mr G R Beaton 

1968   Mr De V B Lamprecht 

1974   Mr I T Crocker 

1976   Mr G Contrafatto 

1980   Prof D Mitchell 

1981   Dr Elisabeth Vrba 

1982   Dr Bruce Copley 

1983   Dr James B Clark 

1984   Dr T J Robinson 

1986   Prof M N Bruton 

1987   Dr Christoff Pauw 

1989   Prof Ronald Anderson 

1990   Prof Derek Albert McNamara 

1991   Prof Ortrud R Oellermann 

1992   Prof Jan Stephanus J Van Deventer 

1993   Prof Barend Mattheus Herbst 

1994   Dr Simon Connell 

1995   Dr Johann H R Enslin 

1996   Prof E H Mathews 

1997   Prof Wayne Goddard 

1998   Prof O C de Jager 

1999   Prof Steven Chown 

2000   Prof Christiaan Aldrich 

2001   Prof Dan J Stein 

2002   Dr Jaco Greeff 

2006   Prof Dunsby Peter

2007   Prof Myburg Zander 

2008   Prof Majozi Thoko   

2009   Dr Koekemoer Lizette 

2010   Prof Slippers  Bernard

2011   Prof Schutte Alta  

List of award winners: S2A3 Medal for Original Research at the Masters Level

The S2A3 Masters Medals (bronze) have been awarded annually to the most outstanding research student in a scientific subject graduating at the Masters level at each South African university (since 1981) and university of technology (since 2001).



Potchefstroom University for CHE. Mnr J.J. Broekman, MSc (Bodemkunde): ‘n Evaluering van die begaanbaarheidsvermoë van ‘n verskeidenheid voertuie op kohesielose grond.

Rand Afrikaans University. Mej. Susanna Jacoba Magaretha Brits, MSc (Wiskundige Statistiek): Rangtransformasies as ‘n koppeling tussen parametriese en verdelingsvrye metodes.

University of Cape Town: Mr John Bernard Wegerhoff, MEd: A readability evaluation of junior secondary science textbooks used in selected Cape Education Department schools.

University of Durban-Westville: Mr A.I. Vawda, MSc (Zoology): Our experimental study into some aspects of glucose homeostasis in the common toad, Bufo regularis (Reuss).

University of Pretoria: Miss Laurette Rolfes: A global method for solving stiff differential equations.

University of South Africa: Mrs Joy E. Singleton, MSc (Mathematics): Spectral theory of pairs of operators.

University of the Orange Free State: Mr A.J. Weideman: Systematic concepts in linguistics.

University of the Western Cape: Mr F.N.G. Engelbrecht, MSc (Botany): A comparative anatomical study of the southern African species of Olea L.

University of the Witwatersrand: Dr I. Meskin, MSc (Entomology): The guild of necrophagous blowflies (Diptera Calliphoridae) of the Highveld region of the Transvaal.


Potchefstroom University for CHE. Mnr Marion Scheepers, MSc (Mathematics).

Rand Afrikaans University: Mnr Jan Abraham Ferreira, MIng (Elektries en Elektronies): Die optimalisasie van stelsels met wisselspanningstussenkringmutators as elektroniese koppelstelsels tussen wisselspanningsnette en gelykspanningsnette.

Rhodes University: Mr A.C. Marsh: A contribution to the ecology and systematics of the genus Petrotilapia (pisces cichlidae) in Lake Malawi.

University of Durban-Westville: Mrs A. Padayachee, MA (Criminology): A study of deviant behaviour in selected Indian high schools in Durban.

University of Natal: Miss Lesley Karen Maclachlan, MSc (Chemistry): Limonoid extractives from Nymania Capensis.

University of Port Elizabeth: Mr Colin Desmond du Toit: The relationship between personality and a history of multiple parasuicide.

University of Pretoria: Mr J. Steyn, MA (Greek): Towards a method of analysing the texts of text-restricted languages.

University of South Africa: Mnr G.S. du Toit: Die kapitaalmarkprysmodel-benadering.

University of the Orange Free State: Mr L.T. du Plessis: ‘n Kritiese beskouing van die identifikasie van die Afrikaanse taalbewegings en hulle funksies.

University of the Western Cape: Mr T.G. Schultz: On FGC-rings and their injective modules.

University of the Witwatersrand: Mr D.C. Levendis: The molecular and crystal structures of binuclear sandwich compounds.


Potchefstroom University for CHE. Mnr B.C.J. Labuschagne: Verwantskappe tussen olie-agglomerasie en oppervlakeienskappe van steenkool.

Rand Afrikaans University. Mnr S.A. Viljoen: ‘n Taksonomiese studie van visektoparasitiese sessiele Ciliphora van Suid-Afrika en Israel.

Rhodes University. Mr J.L. Jonas: Observation and processing of 2.3GH radio astronomy survey.

University of Natal. Miss O.R. Oellerman: Aspects of high tracebility of graphs and digraphs

University of Pretoria. Mnr M.J. de Kock: Sisteemdinamika van ‘n wapenstelsel tydens kanonvuur.

University of South Africa. Mr J.K. Celliers: A critique on selected aspects of the Rhodesian security force’s counter-insurgency strategy, 1972-1980.

University of the Orange Free State. Mr A.S. Powell: An investigation into methods of predicting underachievement of above average IQ pupils at a boys’ school.

University of the Witwatersrand. Mr M.M. Sibaran: Characterization of micro-organism isolated from citrus with “Greening” disease.


Medunsa: Mev Sanet Aspinall, MSc

Potchefstroom University for CHE. Mnr M.J.C. Bosman: ‘n Vergelykende studie van die eetkwaliteit van kommersieel-bevrore peule van twee groenboonkultivars na spesifieke tydperke van opberging.

University of Port Elizabeth. Mej. Elsa Jacomina Crause, MA: Bejaardheid en die Kleurling – Die ontwikkeling van sosiale gerontologie en ‘n studie van sosiale integrasie van Kleurlingbejaardes in ‘n tehuis.


Potchefstroom University for CHE. Mnr Coenraad Eduard van Zyl Cloete, MSc (Chemistry).

Rand Afrikaans University. Mrs Dalla Adriana Rubinstein, MA (Psychology): Motivational and personality determinants of patient attrition in the out-patient treatment of alcoholism.

Rhodes University: Mr J.S. Donaldson, MSc (Entomology): Sex ratios of Coccophagus atratus Compere(Hymenoptera Aphelinidae) in relation to host availability.

University of Natal: Mrs B. Turner, MSc (Land Surveying): A computer aided study of the variables in the identification classification using digital, multitemporal Landsat MSS data.

University of Port Elizabeth. Mr Wolsey Otto Barnard, MSc: Angular dependence of Auger signals from a GaAs (III) surface.

University of Pretoria. Mnr Johannes Jacobur Fourie, MIng (Meganiese Ingenieurswese): Die bepaling van struktuurdinamiese insetkragte vir gegewe reaksiekragte.

University of South Africa. Mr Ian William Alderton, MSc (Mathematics): Initially structured categories: Subcategories, supercategories and Cartesian closedness.

University of the Orange Free State. Mnr J.H. Vorster (Sosiologie).

University of the Witwatersrand. Mr John Pierrus, MSc (Physics)


Potchefstroom University for CHE. Mej Wilhelmine Nancy De Vries, MSc (Biochemie): Biosintese van ‘n afwykende vorm van Tipe I prokollageen in ‘n familie met Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Rhodes University. Mr M.A. Parker, MA (Psychology).

University of Cape Town. Miss S.G. Chadwick, MSc (Botany): A 15N study of the effects of nitrate, ammonium and nitrate plus ammonium nutrition on nitrogen assimilation in Hordeum Vulgare L

University of Durban-Westville. Miss J.P. Backhouse, MSc (Mathematics): Nearness semigoups.

University of Natal. Miss Jill Margaret Farrant, MSc (Biological Sciences): Some studies on the recalcitrant behaviour of propagules of Avicennia marina (Forrsk.) Vierh. 

University of Port Elizabeth. Mr N.S. Bruton, MCom: A theoretical introduction to forecasting demand for motor vehicles in South Africa.

University of Pretoria. Mr Jan Abraham Visser, MIng (Mechanical Engineering): The numerical prediction of temperature distribution in steel billets during hot rolling.

University of the Orange Free State. Miss Michele Cottrell, MSc: The value of cellular long-chain fatty acid and organic acid composition in the taxonomy of the Genera Kluyveromyces and Saccharomyces.

University of South Africa: Mr J.P.G. Dickens, MSc (Statistics).

University of the Western Cape. Mr Ronald Colin Jones, MEd: Large-scale implementation of a computer-based education programme for disadvantaged high school pupils at matriculation level.


Potchefstroom University for CHE. Mnr Elardus Erasmus, MSc (Biochemie).

Rhodes University. Mr A.J.S. Weaving, MSc (Entomology): A comparison of nesting behaviour and prey selection in some southern African Ammophila.

University of Natal (Durban). Mr Edward Sidney Boje, MSc (Electrical Engineering): Linear model identification for multivariable continuous time systems. 

University of the Orange Free State. Mnr E.L.J. Venter.

University of the Witwatersrand. Miss Tania Ruth Marshall, MSc (Geology).


Potchefstroom University for CHE: Mr C.F. de Beer, MSc (Statistics and Operational Research): Die skoenlusmetode toegepas op hipotesetoetsing.

Rand Afrikaans University. Mnr Oscar Heino Stielau, MIng (Elektries en Elektronies): Saamgestelde hoëfrekwensie-tussenkringmutators met selfgestuurde wisselrigter en toevoergekommuteerde direkomsetter.

Rhodes University. Mr M.B.J. Foster, MSc (Geography): Geological control of aquifer properties of the Chuniespoort Group in the Klip River Valley and Natalspruit Basin, Transvaal.

Stellenbosch University: Mr E.A. de Kock, MSc (Physics): Seniority mappings for probing phenomenological nuclear boson models.

University of Cape Town. Mr Andre Eric Punt, MSc (Applied Mathematics): Model selection for the dynamics of southern African hake resources.

University of Durban-Westville. Mrs Karunagarie Nair, MA (Sociology): Social problems associated with the care of the Indian aged in the home environment as evidenced in municipal Durban.

University of Fort Hare. Miss B.D. Brown: Comparative socio-ecology of Otomys irroratus and Otomys unisulcatus.

University of Natal (Durban): Mr Mark Andrew Gower Darroch, MSc (Agric) (Agricultural Economics): An economic analysis of lending to Natal sugar cane farmers.

University of the Orange Free State. Mr L.O.K. Lategan, MSc.

University of Port Elizabeth. Miss J.L. Broadhurst, MSc (Chemistry): The chemistry of the dissolution of gold in aequeous thiocyanate medium.

University of Pretoria. Mr Pieter Hendrik Joubert, MIng (Mechanical Engineering): Numerical simulation of the thermal performance of naturally ventilated buildings.

University of South Africa. A.J.M. Maritz.

University of the Witwatersrand. Mr J.G. Levitt, MSc (Geophysics): Ultrasonic measurement of the elastic properties of fused quartz at elevated temperatures and pressures.


Rand Afrikaans University:Mnr N.W. Alberts, MA (Sielkunde).

Rhodes University:Miss K.C. Sole, MSc (Chemistry): Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of chromium (111) chloride.

University of Cape Town:Mr J.C. Knight, MSc (Physics): The morphology-dependent resonances in the inelastic optical scattering from spherical droplets.

University of Durban-Westville:Mr P. Singh, MSc (Plasma Physics): A study of the interaction of strong electromagnetic waves and anisotropic ion beams with a background plasma.

University of Fort Hare:Miss E D Brown: Comparative socio-ecology of Otomys irroratus and Otomys unisulcatus.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg): Mr N.S. Ferguson, MSc (Agricluture): An approach to modelling feed intake, body composition and nutrient requirements in growing pigs.

University of Natal (Durban):Mr S.J. Foster, MSc (Chemistry): The photochemical kinetics of thymine and related compounds.

University of Port Elizabeth: Miss J.L. Lee, MSc (Physics): Steady-state numerical solutions for Schottky barrier diodes.

University of Pretoria:Mr J.H. Barnard, MEng (Electronics and Computer Science): Phase-shift keying on fast Rayleigh fading channels.

University of South Africa:Mr A.J.M. Snyders, MSc (Mathematics): Weak choice principles.


Potchefstroom University for CHE:Mr B. von M. Harmse, MEng (Chemical): A quantification of chemical and physical factors on SO2 oxidation catalysts.

Rand Afrikaans University:Mnr N.W. Alberts, MA (Sielkunde): Sosiale vaardigheid, streshantering en chroniese siektegedrag.

Rhodes University:Miss K.M. Dower, MSc (Zoology): Sand inundation on rocky shores: Its effects on species richness and the structure of species assemblages.

University of Fort Hare: Mr P.J.C. Conradie, MSc Agric (Animal Science): Evaluation of whole maize versus milled maize as concentrate component for high producing dairy cows.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg):Miss F.E. Drewes, MSc (Botany): an examination of the thermoinhibition of Tagetes minuta L Achenes.

University of Natal (Durban):Mr R.L. Portsmouth, MSc (Chemical Engineering): The kinetics of 2-methyl-3-buten-2oL dehydration over an alumina catalyst.

University of Port Elizabeth:Mr V. Alberts, MSc (Physics): Epitaxial growth of GaAs on Si.

University of Pretoria:Mr C.P. Crosby, MEng (Mechanical): The numerical prediction of airflow through and around permeable windbreaks and over buildings.

University of the Witwatersrand:Miss D.G. Evans, MSc (Chemistry): The linear space of ring conformations.


Medunsa:Mr P.T. Manyike, M Med Sci (Microbiology/Virology): Prevalence of Hepatitis B virus and controlled immunisation in a developing community.

Potchefstroom University for CHE:Mev E.S. van der Westhuizen, MA (Afrikaans-Nederlands): De Toekomst der Religie en De Koperen Tuin van Simon Vestdijk: ‘n Intertekstuele ondersoek.

Rand Afrikaans University:Mnr T.L. van der Merwe, MSc (Chemie): Palladium – gekataliseerde substitusiereaksies van pseudoglikale.

Stellenbosch University:Mr J. von Delft, MSc (Physics): Delta-resonances in the Walecka model and the high spin problem.

University of Cape Town:Miss G.A.M. Kauffmann, MSc (Astronomy): Voids in the distribution of galaxies – an assessment of their significance and implications for large-scale structure formation theories.

University of Fort Hare:Mrs E. Dixon, MA (Music).

University of the North:Mr A.M. Hamese, MSc (Chemistry): The use of organocobalt and organotitanium compounds in organic synthesis.

University of the Orange Free State:Mr G.J. Strauss, MA (Philosopy): Christian philosophy and the transformation of African culture.

University of Port Elizabeth:Miss J.R. Burkinshaw, MSc (Geology): A study of the airflow on the windward slope of a transverse dune in the Alexandria coastal dunefield.

University of Pretoria:Mr C. Lombaard, MEng (Mechanical): Further refinements and a new efficient solution of a novel model for predicting indoor climate.

University of the Witwatersrand:Mr O.D. Goldbach, MSc (Geophysics): The use of seismogram waveforms to characterize the fracture zone around a mine excavation.

University of the Witwatersrand:Mr O. Turnbull, MSc (Psychology): Neuropsychology changes associated with human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.


Potchefstroom University for CHE:Mnr M.A. Coetzee, MSc: Meetkundige kontinuiteit en Bezierkrommes.

Rand Afrikaans University:Mev A.E. Loots, MCom (Ekonomie): Die belangrikheid van die informele sektor in die Suid-Afrikaanse ekonomie.

Rhodes University:Miss J.B. Lang, MSc (Ichthyology and Fisheries Science): The growth characteristics of Sparid Otoliths.

Stellenbosch University:Mrs R. Prins, MSc Agric (Genetics): The cytogenetics of the telosomic series in the semi-dwarf bread wheat cultivar ‘Pavon 76’

University of Cape Town:Mr Christiaan le Roux, MSc (Applied Mathematics): Mixed variational problems associated with stationary viscous incompressible free boundary flows.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg):Ms A.A. Tothill, MA (Political Studies): Educational values in a divided South Africa: ‘People’s Education’ and the ‘Needs of Society’.

University of Natal (Durban):Mr N.P. Rubin, MSc (Electrical Engineering): Slip estimation for induction motors in speed control applications with particular reference to sensorless field oriented controlled drive.

University of Port Elizabeth:Mr J.R. Botha, MSc (Physics): A study of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well structures grown by metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy.

University of Pretoria:Mr J. van Rooy, MSc: A taxonomic revision of the macromitrioideae (orthotricaceae: musci) in southern Africa.

University of the Witwatersrand:Ms Glynis Cron, MSc.


Potchefstroom University for CHE:Mnr L. van Rensburg, MSc (Plantfisiologie): Vogstremming-geinduseerde veranderings in fotosintese en verwante metabolise prosesse in Nicotiana tabacum L.

Rand Afrikaans University:Mev. Y. Struwig.

Rhodes University:Miss A. Coetzee, MSc (Chemistry): Thermal decomposition of mixed metal oxalates.

Stellenbosch University:Mev L. Human, MSc (Toegepaste Wiskunde): Evaluering van belangrike punte in kommunikasiegrafieke.

Stellenbosch University:Mnr J. Colyn, MEng (Elektries/Elektronies).

University of Cape Town:Mrs D. Patterton, MSc (Biochemistry): Purification and characterisation of a poly (dG). Poly (dC)-binding protein from Parechinus angulosis.

University of Durban-Westville:Mr P.M.U. Schmitz, MSc: The impact of land use pattern on certain aspects of the hydrology of the Manzimtoti River.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg):Mr M.W. Steward, MSc (Chemistry): Chemical transformations at unsaturated diphophazane-bridged diruthenium centres.

University of Natal (Durban):Mr M.W. Pickering, MSc Eng (Electrical): Speed control of an induction motor by the application of field oriented control using a current source inverter.

University of the Orange Free State:S.J. van Niekerk, MSc: An appraisal of the problems related to species identity and species diversity within the African Anuran Polystromatidae (Monogenea).

University of Port Elizabeth:Mnr R.J. Fourie, MEd (Didaktiek): Die ontwerp van ‘n instrument om verandering in houdinge tussen Wit en Swart kinders te meet.

University of Pretoria:Mr L.T. Hildebrand, MEng (Electronics): The analysis of microstrip wire-grid antenna arrays.

University of the Witwatersrand:Tonia Price, MSc.


Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir CHO:Mev N. Potgieter, MSc: Defekte tetrahidrobiopterien homeostase in ‘n swart familie met hiperfenielalanienemie.

Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit:Mnr L. Fouche, Ming (Electroniese Ingenieurswese): Multisimbool lynkodes met hoër orde spektrale nulle by gelykstroom.

Rhodes University:Mr S.D. Bangay, MSc (Computer Science): Parallel implementation of a virtual reality system on a transputer architecture.

University of Cape Town:Mr P.O. Moon, MSc (Electrical Engineering): An investigation into the design of a satellite based stereo imaging sensor and the use of automatic image matching in the production of digital elevation models.

University of Cape Town (2):Jennifer Leigh Butt, MSc Medicine (Genetics): A molecular investigation of Waardenburg Syndrome in southern Africa.

University of Durban-Westville:Mr K. Permaul, MSc: Molecular characterization and detection of Xanthomonas albilineans, the sugarcane leaf scald pathogen.

University of Natal (Durban):Mr C.A. Meijer, MSc (Electronic Engineering): A study of patch antennas for arrays: Modelling and measurement.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg):Mr D.F. van der Riet, MSc (Agricultural Economics): Impact of export demand on South African deciduous fruit and farmland values.

University of the Orange Free State: Annerita Kuhn, MSc: Purification and characterization of an Aldo/Keto Reductase of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.

University of Port Elizabeth:Dr I. Truter, MSc (Clinical Pharmacology): A drug utilization study to establish norms for rational and cost-effective use of medicine.

University of Pretoria:Mnr K.J. Swanepoel, MSc (Wiskunde): Euclidean Ramsey Theory.

University of South Africa:Petrus Jochemus Paulus Grobler, MSc (Mathematics): Functional generalisations of dominating sets of graphs.

University of the Western Cape:Mr Q. Johnson, MSc (Zoology): The effects of elevated protein concentrations on calcium metabolism and its implications for Bent-Leg Syndrome in South African mutton Merino rams.

University of the Witwatersrand:Richard Brooksbank


Medunsa: Mr M.J. Mphahlele, M Medical Science (Virology): Molecular characterization of the VP4 (P) genotypes of human rotaviruses.

Potchefstroom University for CHE:Mej Mariette Hatting, MSc (Fisika): Dryf van kosmiese strale by ‘n golwende neutrale vlak in die heliosfeer.

Rand Afrikaans University:Mej Louise Strydom MA (Afrikaans, Filologie).

Rhodes University:Mr Craig Milton Williams, MSc (Geology): Petrogenesis of a new Amalfi Sheet: A highly differentiated Karoo intrusion.

University of Cape Town:Ms Eva Plaganyi, MSc (Marine Biology): A model of Copepod population dynamics in the southern Benguela upwelling region.

University of Natal (Durban):Mr M. Govender, MSc (Physics): Radiating solutions with heat flow in general relativity.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg):Ms N.S. Whitley, MSc (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics): Fischer matricies and character tables of group extensions.

University of the Orange Free State:Mrs Gerbrecht Elizabeth Cronje (born Veldman), MSc: Effect of thermoinhibition of aspects of respiratory metabolism in Great Lakes 659 lettuce seeds.

University of Port Elizabeth:Mrs C. Hicks, MA (Clinical Psychology): Sources of psychological strength in a disadvantaged township community in Port Elizabeth.

University of Pretoria:M.P. Lötter, MEng (Electronic Engineering): Micro-cellular CDMA communication system employing complex spreading sequences.

University of South Africa: Mr R.P. Raghubir, MA: The origin and development of Art Education in Indian secondary schools in Natal from 1860 to 1993: An historical pedagogical survey and appraisal.

Universiteit van Stellenbosch:Mej L.L. van Zyl, MA (Filosofie): Gesondheidsorg en geregtigheid: ‘n Filosofies-etiese ondersoek.

University of the Witwatersrand:Dion Brandt.


Pothchefstroom University for CHE:Mrs S.D.M. Cerisier, MEng (Chemistry): The electrochemical generation of ferric ions in cooling water as an alternative for ferric chloride dosing to effect flocculation.

Rand Afrikaans University:Miss L. Marais, MSc (Chemistry): A synthetic approach to the sugar moiety of a cotyledoside analogue.

Rhodes University:Miss Annemarie de la Croix, MSc (Chemistry): Computer modelling of the thermal decomposition of solids.

University of Cape Town:Mr Clifford A. Meyer, MSc (Chemical Engineering): Calculation of phase and chemical equilibria.

University of Durban-Westville:Mr T.S. Pather, MSc (Chemical Engineering): Coal pyrolysis: The influence of bed depth on volatiles produced by low pyrolysis.

University of Fort Hare:Mr J. Hansen-Quartey, MSc (Soil Science): The effect of introduction of African Wormwood (Artemisa afra) on the rhizosphere of agricultural lands.

University of Natal (Durban):Mr Bruce Burton, MSc (Electrical Engineering): Analysis and practical implementation of a continually online trained artificial neural network to identify and control VSI fed induction motor stator currents.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg): Mr Mervlyn Moodly, MSc (Physics): Phase transitions in induced lattice gauge models.

University of the Orange Free State:Mrs Karin Jacobs (born Van der Westhuizen), MSc (Microbiology): The occurrence of Ophiostomatoid fungi on conifers with special reference to species in Japan.

University of Port Elizabeth:Mr M.A. Vockerodt, MSc (Computer Science): Design and implementation of an environment for speech storage and recognition.

University of Pretoria:Mr Paul van der Merwe Sauer, MSc (Mathematics): The complexity of counting over polynomially bounded processes.

University of Stellenbosch:Mnr D.H. Malan, MIng (Elektries/Elektronies).

University of the Transkei:Mrs Namrita Lall, MSc (Botany): A study of morphological and enzymatic changes in Impatiens flanaganiae grown under different light conditions.

University of the Witwatersrand:Philippe Alberto Friedrich Ferrera, MSc: Approximating the nucleon as a relativistic three-particle system.

University of the Witwatersrand (2):Susan van den Heever.


Rand Afrikaans University:Miss D. Siegruhn, MCom (Economics): The external debt problems of the sub-Saharan countries, 1970-1993.

Rhodes University:Miss Lynne Alison Collett, MSc (Chemistry): Structural and stereochemical investigations of terrestrial and marine pyrone metabolites.

University of Durban Westville:Ms S. Penchaliah, MEd (Psychology of Mathematics Education): Young children’s intuitive strategies for multiplication and division word problems in a problem-centered approach.

University of Natal (Durban):Ms Christine S. Swart, MSc (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics): Distance measures in graphs and subgraphs.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg):Mr Ross C. Stockil, MSc (Agricultural Economics): Risk and market deregulation: Attitudes of commercial farmers in Kwa-Zulu.

University of the Orange Free State:Mrs A.M. Engelbrecht, M. Med. Sci. (Anatomy and Cell morphology): Comparison of the total fatty acid composition in intraepithelial and infiltrating lesions of the cervix.

University of Port Elizabeth:Ms Carol B. Schonegevel, MSc (Clinical Psychology), The structural validity of Holland’s Hexagon for Black South African adolescents.

University of Pretoria:Mr M.M. Bapela, MSc (Mathematics): Yamamoto type theorems in Banach algebras.

University of Stellenbosch:Mr G.H. Botes, MEng (Chemical Engineering): The development and modelling of jet reactors.


Medunsa:Ms M.W. Diale, MSc (Physics): A study of silicide formation using tantalum.

Potchefstroom University for CHE:Mr Leon Rikus Koekemoer, MIng (Chemical Engineering): The extraction of nickel with the use of supported liquid membrane capsules.

Rand Afrikaans University:Me Marena du Toit, MEd (Onderwyslinguistiek): Die aard van Technikon Noord-Transvaal-studente se sone van naaste-ontwikkeling in Afrikaans vreemdetaal.

Rhodes University:Mr J.C.S. Lancaster, MSc (Chemistry): Structural and stereochemical investigations of terrestrial and marine pyrone metabolites.

Rhodes University (2):Ms N.S. Cattaneo, MSc (Economics): The theoretical and empirical analysis of trade integration among unequal partners; implications for the Southern African Development community.

University of Cape Town:Mr B.A.C.C. Bassett, MSc (Mathematics): Aspects of modern cosmology.

University of Durban-Westville:Mrs Rita Ramsuruth, MSc (Applied Mathematics): The minimum eigenvalue problem.

University of Natal (Durban):Mr Jacques Baudouin Allan Verstraete, MSc (Mathematics): Vulnerability and cycle structure of planar graphs.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg):Mr David Buchanan Woods, MSc (School of Environment and Development): Fighting artificial water points in Mkuzi Game Reserve.

University of the Orange Free State:Mr Martin Petrus Albertus Coetzee, MSc (Microbiology): Characteristics of Armillaria in South Africa.

University of Port Elizabeth:Ms M.L. Bursey, MSc (Zoology): The benthic macrofauna of an estuarine flood-tidal delta.

University of Pretoria: Mr S. Kok, MEng: Rapid heating and cooling of pressure vessels through optimum temperature control: A general methodology.

University of Stellenbosch:Mr S.W.P. Esterhuyse, MEng (Mechanical Engineering): The influence of geometry on dragline bucket filling performance.

University of Transkei:Mr S. Tyiso, MSc (Botany): A study on the germination of Flagellaria guineensis seeds.

University of Pretoria:Mr S. Kok, MEng (Mechanical Engineering): Rapid heating and cooling of pressure vessels through optimal temperature control: A general methodology.

University of the Witwatersrand:Samantha Leticia Green, MSc (Microbiology): Molecular variation of the high affinity immunoglobulin E receptor, C1 esterase inhibitor, protease and protease inhibitor genes in atopic asthmatics and control individuals.


Medunsa:Mrs Johanna C. Meyer, MSc (Med) (Pharmacy): The impact of effective prescribing training in primary care.

Potchefstroom University for CHE:Miss Jeanette Lotter, MSc (Pharmaceutical chemistry): The resolution of chlorthalidone enantiomers by a liquid membrane.

Rand Afrikaans University:Mr Wiehan Le Roux, MEng (Elektric and Electronic): An investigation of the limits of compensation of distortion in electrical energy distribution networks.

Rhodes University:Mr Andrew Arnold Eales, MSc (Computer Science): An object-orientated toolkit for music notation.

University of Cape Town:Mr Gregory John Dickason, MSc (Chemical Engineering): Image analysis of Bacillus thuringiensis.

University of Durban-Westville:Ms Busisiwe Precious Alant, MEd (Science Education): An exploration of the relation between metalearning and conceptual change in the development of the conceptions of force of six Grade 7 pupils.

University of Natal (Durban):Neil Anthony Koorbanally, MSc (Chemistry): Extractives from the Amaryllidaceae and Fabaceae.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg):Miss Leigh McLoughlin, MSc (Agriculture): An investigation of factors influencing rate of lay, egg weight and embryonic growth in broiler breeder hens.

University of the Orange Free State:Mr Bernard Slippers, MSc (Microbiology): The Amylostereum of Sirex noctilio in South Africa.

University of Port Elizabeth:Mrs Jane Ball (born Webb), MSc (Pharmacy): A drug utilisation study in a South African asthma patient population.

University of Pretoria: Lukas Johannes du Plessis, MEng (Mechanical Engineering): An optimization approach to the determination of manipulator workspaces.

University of Stellenbosch:Ms J.M. Swart, MSc Agric (Genetics): Evaluation of the genetic variation in naturalised populations of Medicago polymorpha in the winter rainfall region of South Africa and the feasibility of a breeding programme to develop the species as a fodder crop.

University of the Witwatersrand:Alastair Paulin-Campbell, MSc (Physics): Stabilisation of lower dimensional string matrix models.


Medunsa:Mary Pipedi, MSc (Med) (Physiology): Pavetta harborii as a cardiotoxin in the rat.

Potchefstroom University for CHE:Mr Gerhard Koekemoer, MSc (Statistics): A comparative study of non-parametric density estimators.

Rand Afrikaans University:Miss Jackie Price, MA (Psychology): The phenomenological experience of siblings of traumatic head injuries survivors.

University of Cape Town:Mr Karl J. Westerlund, MSc (Mantle Geochemistry): A geochemical study of diamonds, diamond inclusion minerals and other mantle minerals from the Klipspringer kimberlites, South Africa.

University of Natal (Durban):Ms Carryn Lee Cowan, MSc: Mathematical modelling of the cellular and population dynamics of HIV and AIDS. 

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg):Mr Anthony Norman Brown, MAgricMgt: Factors influencing farmers’ choice amongst various marketing alternatives for maize in South Africa.

University of Port Elizabeth:Mr Hugh Donald Munro, MCom (Computer Science): An object oriented framework for implementing 3-dimensional world wide web sites.

University of Pretoria:Rocco de Villiers Duvenhage, MSc (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics): Quantum statistical mechanics, KMS states and Tomita-Takesaki theory.

University of Stellenbosch:Miss Christine Margarete Steinmann, MSc (Physics): Development and characterisation of a tunable laser source in the vacuum ultraviolet.

University of the Witwatersrand:Babalwa Atalanta Mbalo, MSc (Botany): Post-fire effects on the germination of seeds of selected savannah woody plant species.


Medunsa:Miss Nicola Anne Page, MSc (Med): Antigenic and genetic variation of DS-1 genogroup (G2P1b[4]) human rotaviruses.

Potchefstroom University for CHE:Mrs Yolanda Combrink (born Van Niekerk), MSc (Physics): An investigation into the causes and consequences of north-south asymmetries in the heliosphere.

Rand Afrikaans University:Mr Yorick Hardy, MSc (Applied Mathematics): Classical and quantum computing.

Rhodes University:Miss Kimberley Jane Machin, MSc (Geology): Processes and products in kimberlitic crater facies of the south lobe, Jwaneng mine, Botswana.

Technikon Pretoria:Patience Xulu, MTech (Chemistry): Preparation and characterisation of magnetic and temperature sensitive polymer gels.

University of Cape Town:Ms Mairi Kilkenny, MSc (Chemistry): Structures and thermal analyses of Werner clathrates and co‑ordination polymers.

University of Natal (Durban):Mr Marc Ashley Joseph, MSc Eng (Chemical Engineering): Computer-aided VLE measurements in a dynamic still at sub-atmospheric pressures.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg):Mr Joseph Cyril Guillaume Maurel, MSc (Agric) (Horticultural Science): Biosynthetic origin of abscisic acid in ripening avocado fruit.

University of Port Elizabeth:Frederick Jacobus Vorster, MSc (Physics): On the evaluation of a photovoltaic concentrator system.

University of Pretoria:Ms Reinette Grobler, MSc (Computer Science): Signalling and scheduling for efficient bulk data transfer in circuit-switched networks.

University of Stellenbosch: Mr Robert Helmut Schumann, MSc (Physics): Quantum information theory.

University of the Witwatersrand:Lucinda Ruth Backwell, MSc (Anatomical Sciences): A critical assessment of southern African early hominid bone tools.


University of Cape Town:Ms Justine Heather Tinker, MSc (Geological Sciences): Stratigraphic and structural interpretation of seismic reflection data across selected sections of the Kaapvaal Craton. 

University of Stellenbosch:Mr Rodney Gordan Urban, MSc Eng (Electronic Engineering): Modelling corona noise on high‑voltage transmission lines.

Potchefstroom University for CHE:Mrs Juanita Peacock, MSc (Botany): Role of boundary layer resistance and wall ultrastructure in determining differential drought tolerance in tobacco.

Port Elizabeth Technikon:Miss Petra Hoffmann, MTech (Chemistry): The development and evaluation of procedures for the synthesis of phenolic ethers by Baeyer‑Villiger oxidation.

Rand Afrikaans University:Hillel Louis Zidel, MComm (Economics): Inflation targeting: An unrecognised dilemma for South Africa.

Technikon Natal:Mrs Usha Govinden, MTech (Biotechnology): Purification and characterisation of the AmpC ß‑lactamase from a South African Klebsiella pneumoniae isolate.

Technikon Free State:Jacobus Gert van der Walt, MTech (Mechanical Engineering): Development of a numerically controlled, radial milling machine for use in radio therapy.

Rhodes University:Miss Tracey Pamela Fairweather, MSc (Fisheries Science): An analysis of the trawl and longline fisheries for Merluccius capensisoff the West Coast of South Africa.

Medunsa: Mrs Maria Christina de Beer, MSc (Med) (Virology): Molecular and serological characterization of a caprine rotavirus.

University of the Witwatersrand:Mr David Dago N'Da, MSc (Chemistry): Synthesis of polymeric iron and platinum compounds for anticancer activity screening.

Technikon Pretoria:Ms Ntebogeng Sharon Mokgalaka, MTech (Chemistry): Improved method for the analysis of the Platinum Group Metals.

University of Port Elizabeth:Ms Constance H Dixie, MSc (Computer Science): The development of a framework for outcomes‑based introductory technology education.

University of Pretoria:Ms Irene Barnes, MSc (Microbiology): Taxonomy, phylogeny and population biology of Ceratocystis species with particular reference to Ceratocytis fimbriata.

University of Durban‑Westville:Ms Lelika Ramsaroop, MMedSci (Anatomy): An anatomical investigation of the sympathetic outflow to the upper limb.

University of Natal (Durban):Mr Telex Magloire Nkouatchah Ngatched, MSc (Engineering): Performance of turbo coded DS‑CDMA systems in fading and burst channels.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg):Ms Sarah Rosalind Pryke, MSc: Sexual selection of multiple ornaments in the red‑collared Widowbird(Euplectes ardens).


University of Stellenbosch:  Thomas Jens Scriba, MSc (Virology): Accessory gene components for an HIV‑1 subtype C Vaccine: Functional analysis of mutated Tat, Rev and Nef antigens. Supervisor: Prof Estrelita Janse van Rensburg.

Potchefstroom University: Ilse Maria Röntgen, MSc (Mathematics): Applications of p‑summing multipliers in Banach space theory. Supervisor: Prof JH Fourie.

Rhodes University: Hester Elizabeth Williams (born Sparks), MSc (Entomology): The suitability of Alagoasa extreme Jacoby (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Alticinae), as a biological control agent for Lantana Camara L. in South Africa. Supervisor: Prof MP Hill.

Rand Afrikaans University: Jonathan Albert Olivier, MIng (Mechanical Engineering): Pressure drop during condensation inside smooth, helical micro‑fin, and herringbone micro‑fin tubes. Supervisor: Dr Leon Liebenberg; Co‑Supervisor: Prof Josua P Meyer.

Port Elizabeth Technikon: Martin Konz, MTech (Mechanical Engineering): A generic simulation of energy consumption of automobile air conditioning systems. Supervisors: Prof Hinrick Holdack‑Janssen and Mr Jozsef Maczek.

Technikon Pretoria: Cheila Martins Canario, MTech (Chemistry): Chemical and mass spectra of the vapours of gallium, indium and thallium nitrates and chlorides in a graphite furnace. Supervisor: Prof DA Katskov.

Technikon Free State: Pierre Ferreira, MTech (Agriculture): The influence of row width and seed treatment on soybeans (Glycine max L. Merr.) in different environments. Supervisor: Dr MA Smit; Co‑supervisor:  Dr C van der Westhuizen.

 Durban Institute of Technology: Mr CW Klusener, MTech (Biotechnology): The formation of diacetyl in high pressure sugarcane bagasse reactors. Supervisors: Prof PM Middleton and Mrs D Macdonald.

University of the Witwatersrand: Simona Svoboda.

 Medunsa: Angeline Tholakele Mhlongo, MSc (Med) (Microbiology): The characterization of Streptococcus pneumoniae strains prevalent at Ga‑Rankuwa Hospital. Supervisor: Prof AA Hoosen.

 University of Port Elizabeth: Deon Walter Viljoen, MSc (Computer Science and Information Systems): The specification and design of a prototype 2‑D MPEG‑4 authoring tool. Supervisors: Prof AP Calitz and Mr NLO Cowley.

 University of Natal, Durban Campus: Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy, MSc (Engineering): Turbulent mixing and dispersion in environmental flows. Supervisor: Prof Derek Stretch.

University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg Campus: Olwen Megan Grace, MSc (Botany): Bark in traditional healthcare in KwaZulu‑Natal, South Africa ‑ usage, authentication and sustainability. Supervisor: Prof J van Staden.

University of Pretoria: Augustinus Johannes van Zyl, MSc (Mathematics): A general discrete‑time arbitrage theorem. Supervisor: Prof Johan Swart.

University of Cape Town: Mr Ashley Muller, MSc (Eng) (Civil Engineering): Measurement of ordinary heterotroph organism anoxic yield in anoxic‑aerobic activated sludge systems. Supervisor: Prof Mark Wentzel.

University of Durban-Westville: Algasan Govender, MSc (Microbiology): Mobilisation and sequence analysis of a plasmid indigenous to Xanthomonas albilineans. Supervisors: Proff D Pillay and DE Rawlings.


Rhodes University:Amanda Morgan Ellis, MSc (Zoology): An assessment of density estimation methods for forest ungulates.

North-West University: Gordon Wayne Towers, MSc (Molecular Human Genetics):Molecular screening of the Calpain10 and Adiponectin genes in a black Type 2 diabetic South African population.

Port Elizabeth Technikon:Christof Böttcher, MTech (Mechanical Engineering): An automotive carbon dioxide air‑conditioning system with heat pump.

Rand Afrikaans University:Michiel Olivier De Kock, MSc (Geology): Selected magnetostratigraphic studies in the main Karoo basin (South Africa): Implications for mass extinction events and the supercontinent of Pangea.

University of the Free State:Pieter Rutger Taljaard, MSc (Agricultural Economics): Econometric estimation of the demand for meat in South Africa.

University of the Western Cape:Morne Graham Du Plessis, MSc (Biochemistry): The use of mouse regions syntenic to the PFHBI region for identifying novel genes and the mutation screening of a candidate gene[s].

University of the Free State:Tania Venter, MSc (Microbiology): The production of citric acid by Yarrowia lipolytica when cultivated on edible and waste fats.

University of the Witwatersrand: OPM Horwood, MSc (Chemistry): Solid‑state isomerisation reactions of six co‑ordinate ruthenium complexes.

Medunsa:Mahlatse Lucky Moropeng, MSc (Medical Virology): Investigating the effect of HIV co‑infection on HBY detection in South Africa.

Durban Institute of Technology:DE Stephens, MTech (Biotechnology): Directed evolution of b-xylanase from Thermomyces lanuginosus.

Tshwane University of Technology: Dirk Jacobus Greyling, MTech (Veterinary Technology): The use of disodium etreaborae decahydrate for the control of three ectoparasites in poultry houses.

University of Port Elizabeth:Timothy Gibbon, MSc (Physics): The measurement of polarization mode dispersion in an optical fibre.

University of Pretoria: Gordon Andreas Wells, MSc (Biochemistry): Structural model and properties of the adoMetDC domain of the bifunctional plasmodium Falciparum S‑adenosylmethionine decarboxylase / Ornithine decarboxylase.

Central University of Technology, Free State: Dennis Raymond Willemse, MTech (Electrical Engineering): Investigation into the possibility of using partial discharge measuring equipment to diagnose faults on 3.3 kV electrical machines.

University of Cape Town: Rebecca Anne Rademeyer, MSc (Applied Mathematics): Assessment of and management procedures for the hake stocks off Southern Africa.

University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban Campus: Jolyon Steven Clulow, MSc (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences): The design and analysis of cryptographic application.

University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg Campus: Desigan Reddy, MSc (Chemistry): An investigation into the effects of donicity and the role of cyclometallation on the reactivity of polypyridyl and amine complexes of platinum [II].

University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville Campus: Mzolisi Ntlahla Shezi, MSc (Chemistry): Development of a Delphi based program to simulate complex chemical kinetic reaction mechanisms and optimize the estimated rate constants.

Stellenbosch University: Shivani Ghorun, MSc (Medical Physics): The influence of reconstruction and attenuation correction techniques on the detection of hypo‑perfused lesions in brain SPECT images.


Central University of Technology, Free State Dennis Raymond Willemse, MTech (Electrical Engineering): Investigation into the possibility of using partial discharge measuring equipment to diagnose faults on 3.3 kV electrical machines.

Northwest University Christo Venter, MSc (Physics): The effect of general relativistic frame dragging on millisecond pulsar visibility for the H.E.S.S. telescope.

University of Johannesburg Ockmer Louren Oosthuizen, MSc (Computer Science):A multi-agent collaborative personalized web mining system model.

Rhodes University Genevieve James, MSc (Human Kinetics and Ergonomics):The effects of personalised adjustments to computer workstations on the efficiency and physical comfort of computer operators.

University of the Free State Olihile Moses Sebola, MSc (Microbiology): The lipid composition of the yeast genus Saccharomycopsis Schönning.

University of the Witwatersrand Wen-Chi (Angel) Kuo, MSc (Mathematics).

Tshwane University of Technology Mercia Kebonetsala Lemme, MTech (Chemistry):Vapor absorption spectra of sulfur compounds in graphite electrothermal vaporizers for atomic absorption spectrometry.

Durban Institute of Technology Lerosha Govender, MTech (Biotechnology):Partial characterization of toxigenic Fusarium.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Simon A. Schumacher, MSc (Physics): A photoluminescence study of Cu(in Ga)(S, Se)2 thin films.

University of Pretoria Jonika Marx, MSc (Anatomy [cell biology]): Investigation of the cytotoxic potential of aqueous extracts of Dicerocarynum zanguebarium and Urginea sanguinea in vitro.

University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban Campus Ai-N-l Hsieh, MSc (Mathematics and Statistical Sciences):Loghics with the mingle and contraction axioms.

University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg Campus Sandra D. Strydom, MSc (Chemistry):Synthesis and structural characterization of Tin(IV) porphyrin phenoxide complexes and Schiff base derivatives for the polymerization of epoxides.

University of Natal, Westville Campus Ramona Moodley, MSc (Microbiology): Molecular typing of Vibrio cholerae isolates recovered during localized outbreaks of cholera in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (2000-2001).

University of Cape Town Antony Michael Millner, MSc (Applied Mathematics): Non-communicative phenomena in flat and curved space-times.

University of Stellenbosch Johannes Nicolaas Kriel, MSc (Theoretical Physics): Non-perturbative flow equations from continuous unitary transformations.


North-West University Fimmie Reinecke, MSc (Biochemistry): Functional properties of metallothionein over-expressionin mitochondrial NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase deficient cell cultures.

University of Johannesburg R.M. Bell, MIng: The use of correlation coefficients for load identifiers and a fundamental approach towards power definitions in non-Sinusoidal conditions.

Rhodes University Amber-Bobyn Childs, MSc (Chemistry): Movement patterns of spotted grunter, Pomadasys commersonnii (Haemulidae), in the Great Fish Estuary, South Africa.

University of the Free State Olubukola Ayodeji Oyewumi, MSc (Agriculture): Modeling tariff rate quotas in the South African livestock industry.

Central University of Technology, Free State Dawid Schalk van der Merwe, MTech (Mechanical Engineering): The use of stereolithography and related technologies to produce short run tooling.

Tshwane University of Technology Biljana Marjanovic, MTech (Chemistry): Determination of metals in avocado oil by supercritical fluid extractions and ICP-MS.

Vaal University of Technology Johannes Paulus du Toit, MTech (Electrical Engineering): Design and development of a 100 W proton exchange membrane fuel cell uninterruptible power supply.

University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College Campus Stephen Wesson, MSc (Engineering): Radar reflectivity infilling techniques.

University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg Campus Tinashe Mushayanyama, MSc (Agricultural Economics): Improving access by smallholder farmers to organic crop supply chains: Evidence from the Ezemvelo Farmer’s Organization, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville Campus Poobalan Naidoo, M Med Sci (Pharmacology): The determination of the effects of gliclazide in regulating postprandial hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetic patients.

University of Pretoria Leanne Hart, MSc (Zoology): Reproductive biology of the Cape dune mole-rat, Bathyergus suillus (Schreber, 1782).

University of Cape Town Lucy Valeska Kemp, MSc (Zoology - Applied Marine Science): Ancient stonewall fish traps on the  south coast of South Africa: Documentation, current use, ecological effects and management implications.

University of the Witwatersrand Lisa Desiree Majmin, MSc (Advanced Mathematics of Finance): Local and stochastic volatility models: An investigation into the pricing and hedging of exotic options.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Yatish Jaganath, MSc (Chemistry): Non-classical platinum anticancer complexes.

University of Stellenbosch Gareth Lloyd, MSc (Chemistry): Crystal engineering of porosity.


University of the Free State Ané van Heerden, MSc (Microbiology): Oxylipin production and novel ascospore release mechanisms in the yeast Dipodascus.

University of Johannesburg Anthony Richard Magee, MSc (Botany): A taxonomic study of the Cape species of Peucedanum (Apiaceae).

Vaal University of Technology Antoinette Lombard, MTech (Information Technology): A conceptual comparison of warthog and conventional application development tools.

University of the Witwatersrand Nevena Selic, MSc (Computational and Applied Mathematics): The LIBOR market model.

Rhodes University Oliver Gray King, MSc (Physics and Electronics): The C-Band: continuum mapping and measuring the radio environment.

North-West University Renée Greyvenstein, MEng (Mechanical): Techno-economic comparison of power conversion units for the next generation nuclear power plant.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Mari Terblanche, MSc (Computer Science & Information Systems): An extensible framework for data mining.

Tshwane University of Technology Victor Harley, MTech (Nature Conservation): An optimised monitoring programme for ungulate numbers in the North West Parks, South Africa.

Central University of Technology, Free State Gerrie Jacobus Booysen, MTech (Mechanical Engineering): Bridge tooling through layered sintering of powder.

University of Pretoria Li-Chang Johnny Lo, MSc (Computer Science): A framework for cryptography algorithms on mobile Devices.


Rhodes University Rhett Hamilton Bennett, MSc (Ichthyology): Optimisation of a sampling protocol for long-term monitoring of temperate reef fishes.

University of KwaZulu-Natal Ismail Yunus Akhalwaya, MSc (Theoretical Physics): A single qubit in a random environment: From random matrices to free probability.

University of the Free State Mbulelo Desmond Ncango, MSc (Microbiology): Oxylipins in the yeast genus Ascoidea.

University of the Witwatersrand Youtaro Shibayama, MSc (Genetics and Developmental Biology): Rapid screening for antimicrobial genes in novel nocardiophages.

Stellenbosch University Maria Johanna (Marlie) Lottering, MSc Eng (Extractive Metallurgical Engineering): Characterisation of the uranium leaching behavior of low grade Vaal River ores.

North-West University Petrus Jansen van Vuren, MSc (Biochemistry): Development of a recombinant antigen for the detection of antibodies against Rift Valley fever virus in humans and animals.

Central University of Technology Deirdré Long, MTech (Radiography): An analysis of dose effectiveness and incidence of late rectal complications of high dose-rate brachytherapy in the radical treatment of cervical cancer.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Louis George von Wielligh, MTech (Mechanical Engineering): Characterization of laser cladding process variables on a light metal substrate.

Tshwane University of Technology Pieter Julian Jacobus Marais, MTech (Mathematical Technology): Application of non-smooth eigenfunction to partial differential equations.

University of KwaZulu-Natal Jothi Moodley, MSc (Mathematics): Global embeddings of pseudo-Riemannian spaces.

University of Stellenbosch  Ethel Emmarantia Phiri, MSc (Zoology): Species occupancy, distribution and abundance: indigenous and alien invasive vascular plants on sub-Antarctic Marion Island.

University of Cape Town  Dorit Hockman, MSc (Molecular and Cellular Biology): Limbs gone batty: the role of the anterior posterior patterning signal, Sonic Hedgehog, in the development of the unique bat limb.

University of Pretoria  Jacomine Grobler, MEng (Industrial Engineering): Particle swarm optimization and differential evolution for multi-objective multiple machine scheduling.


University of Stellenbosch medal) Margaretha Bester, MedSci (Medical Biochemistry): Defining mechanisms that determine the levels of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Central University of Technology, Free State Rudolph Johannes Pretorius, MTech (Agriculture): A plant health management system for Aphididae on lettuce under variable shadehouse conditions in the central Free State, South Africa.

University of Limpopo (Medunsa Campus) Lisbeth Ramokone Lebelo, MSc Med (Medical Virology): Pre-vaccination exposure to hepatitis B virus infection and protective efficacy of the hepatitis B vaccine in infants from Pretoria region, South Africa.

Rhodes University Justin Oliver Gordon Kemp, MSc (Fisheries Science): Mariculture as a means to add value to the east coast rock lobster, Panulirus homarus rubellus, subsistence fishery: a physiological approach to define transport and growout protocols for wild caught juveniles.

University of Cape Town  Renée Hlozek, MSc (Applied Mathematics): Challenges in the hunt for dark energy dynamics.

University of the Free State Marietjie Schutte, MSc (Chemistry): A mechanistic study of substitution reactions on tricarbonyl complexes of rhenium(I).

University of Johannesburg Tarryn Susan Pentz, MSc (Chemistry): Chemical characterisation of sediments and its correlation with the bioavailability of selected heavy metals.

University of KwaZulu-Natal Ayoub Basheer Mohammed Basheer, MSc (Chemistry): Character tables of the general linear group and some of its subgroups.

University of Pretoria  Claudia Zander, MSc (Physics): Information measures, entanglement and quantum evolution.

University of the Witwatersrand Philip Charles Haycock, MSc (Med): Exposure of mouse embryos to ethanol during preimplantation development: effect on DNA-methylation in the H19 imprinting control region.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Brian Reeves, MSc (Botany): A resource allocation system for invasive alien plant control on the St Francis conservancy.

Tshwane University of Technology Monika Brigitte Ogden (néé Lehmann), MTech (Nature Conservation): The behavioural ecology of a solitary lion pride in Karongwe Game Reserve.

North-West University Mmamontsho Charlotte Senosi, MSc (Mathematics): Discrete dynamics of bank credit and capital and their cyclicality.

University of the Witwatersrand Priyanka Anjali Parbhoo, MSc (Computational and Applied Mathematics). Positive interest, potentials and the pricing kernel.


University of the Free State (2010) Charlene Randall, MSc (Microbiology, Biochemical and Food Biotechnology): Construction of self-sufficient CYP153 chimeras.

University of Johannesburg (2010) Philip Eric Robinson, MIng (Electrical & Electronic Engineering): Exploration of the mitigation of the effects of terrestrial atmospheric turbulence in long range video surveillance.

Central University of Technology, Free State (2010) Dreyer Bester, MTech (Clinical Technology): A study of the effects of warm ischaemic times on harvested homografts.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (2010) Kim Carey Potgieter, MSc (Chemistry): Complexes of the ReO3+/Re(CO)3+ cores with multidentate N20 donor chelates.

Tshwane University of Technology (2010) Ilze Vermaak, MTech (Pharmaceutical Sciences): Antimicrobial activity and stability of medicinal plant extracts: Effects of simulated gastrointestinal conditions.

Rhodes University(2010) James Munnik Hamilton Barry, MSc (Physics): Comparison of A4 neutrino mass models.

University of KwaZulu-Natal(2010) Natalie Dawn Mackenzie, MSc (Financial Mathematics): Real options: Duopoly dynamics with more than one source of randomness.

North-West University (2010) Roelf Du Toit Strauss, MSc (Physics): Modelling of anomalous cosmic rays.

University of Stellenbosch(2010) Beatrix Coetzee, MSc (Genetics): A metagenomic approach using next-generation sequencing for viral profiling of a vineyard and genetic characterization of Grapevine virus E.

Tshwane University of Technology(September 2010) Frank C. Lujaji, MTech (Mechanical Engineering): Effects of fuel blends containing croton oil, butanol and diesel on the performance and emissions of diesel engines.

University of Johannesburg(2011) Sandile Bongani Simelane, MSc (Chemistry): Aluminium triflate mediated reactions of cyclic enol ethers.

Rhodes University(2011) Candice Leigh Bromley, MSc (Chemistry): Studies in South African marine molluscan chemistry.

University of Cape Town(2011) Musa Mlambo, MSc (Zoology): Biodiversity patterns of wetland macroinvertebrate assemblages in the south-western Cape, South Africa.

University of Pretoria (2011) Alfons Willi Bogalecki, MEng (Microelectronic Engineering): Design and manufacture of nanometer-scale SOI light sources.


University of the Free State (May 2011) Christina Wilhelmina Miles, MSc (Plant Breeding): Mixogram parameters and their relationship to other bread wheat quality characteristics.

Central University of Technology, Free State (March 2011) De Ville Ian Weppenaar, MTech (Electrical Engineering): Intelligent maintenance management in a reconfigurable environment using multi-agent systems.

University of KwaZulu-Natal(Sept 2011) Garreth David Sparks, MSc (Agriculture): The economic feasibility of on-farm biodiesel production in KwaZulu-Natal.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University(November 2011) Timothy Vernon Light, MEng (Mechatronics): Dynamic modelling of a reconfigurable machine tool.

North-West University(October 2011) Suné van Solms, MEng (Computer Engineering): Exploiting the implicit error correcting ability of networks that use random network coding.

University of Stellenbosch(December 2011) M.J. Janse van Vuuren (born Leeuwner), MScEng (Metallurgic Engineering): On-line monitoring of hydrocyclones by use of image analysis.

University of Cape Town(May 2011) Fhumulani Nemulodi, MSc (Physics): Third order relativistic dissipative fluid dynamics for heavy-ion collisions.

University of Pretoria(February 2012) Matteus Theodor Loots, MSc (Mathematical Statistics): The development of the quaternion normal distribution.

Rhodes University(April 2012) Rory Biggs, MSc (Mathematics): A study of four-dimensional oscillator groups and the associated left-invariant control affine systems.


Central University of Technology, Free State (2013) Matshidiso Bailekae Masenya, M Tech (Agriculture): Development of cryopreservation strategies for improved reproductive competence in South African pig genotypes. Supervisors: Prof TL Nedambale and Prof DO Umesiobi.

North-West University (2012) Abdulli Rashid Adem, MSc (Applied Mathematics): Solutions of a generalized (3+1)-dimensional Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation. Supervisor: Prof CM Khalique.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (2012) Barend Adriaan Grobler, MSc (Botany): A systematic conservation assessment and plan for the Baakens River Valley, Port Elizabeth. Supervisors: Prof EE Campbell and Dr D du Preez.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (2013) Hayley Susan Clements, MSc (Zoology): Incorporating prey demographics and predator social structure into prey selection and carrying capacity estimates for cheetah. Supervisors: Prof G Kerley and Dr CJ Tambling.

Tshwane University of Technology (2012) TT Kivevele, M Tech (Mechanical Engineering): Oxidation stability of biodiesel from non-edible oils. Supervisor: Prof M Mbarawa.

Tshwane University of Technology (2013) Nomcebo Happiness Mthombeni, M Tech (Chemical Engineering): Experimental investigation and modelling of oligodynamic nanoparticle based filtration systems for water disinfection. Supervisors: Prof MS Omyango, Dr G Nameni and Prof MNB Momba.

University of the Free State (2012) Jessika Potgieter, MSc (Geology): Volatiles around two dimensional defect structures in the diamond window as indicated by microdiamonds in decompression cracks. Supervisor: Dr H Sommer.

University of the Free State (2013) Amanda-Lee Ezra Volmink, MSc (Chemistry): Rhenium and technetium radio-isotope complexes linked to biologically active molecules. Supervisor: Prof HG Visser.

University of Cape Town (2013) Andrea Ross-Gillespie (born Muller), MSc (Applied Mathematics; upgraded to the doctoral degree): Humpback whales, rock lobsters and mathematics: Exploration of assessment models incorporating stock-structures. Supervisor: Prof D Butterworth.

Rhodes University (April 2013) Robert Ian Jones, MSc (Human Kinetics and Ergonomics): The influence of soccer-specific fatigue on the risk of thigh injuries in amateur black African players. Supervisor: Mr A. Todd.

University of Johannesburg (2012) Dehann Fourie, M Eng (Electrical and Electronic Engineering): Optimisation of electric long endurance unmanned aerial vehicles. Supervisor: Prof J Meyer.

University of Johannesburg (May 2013) Prosper Ngabonziza, MSc (Physics): Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy study of the three-layered strontium ruthenate Sr4Ru3O10. Supervisors: Dr BP Doyle and Dr E Carleschi.

University of KwaZulu-Natal (2013) Ryan Baruch Sweke, MSc (Physics): Dissipative preparation of entanglement in cavity QED. Supervisor: Prof F Petruccione.


University of Pretoria (2013) Estelle van Wyk, MEng (Industrial Engineering): Modelling of inventory management in humanitarian logistics.

North-West University (2013) Ernst Lodewyk Johannes Kleynhans, MEng (Development and Management): Unique challenges of clay binders in a pelletised chromite pre-reduction process.

University of Cape Town (2013) James Lee-Thorpe, MSc (Applied Mathematics): Spectral continuation study of the temporally periodic solitons of the damped-driven nonlinear Schrödinger equations.

University of the Free State (2013) Ansori Maré (née Du Plessis), MSc Agriculturae (Plant Breeding): Molecular and biochemical characterisation of rust and Fusarium head blight resistant wheat lines.

University of Johannesburg (2014) Nontando Thembekile Mkhize, MSc (Chemistry): Development of analytical methods for the determination of volatile fatty acids and nutrients.

Rhodes University (2014) Dennis Ian Barrett, MSc (Mathematics): Invariant optimal control on the three-dimensional semi-Euclidian group: control affine and quadratic Hamilton-Poisson systems.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Xandri Schoultz, MSc (Chemistry): Isocyanide Complexes of Rhenium.

List of award winners: South Africa Medal (Gold):

The list of recipients of the South Africa Medal, first awarded in 1908, reads like a who’s who of South African science. In twelve of the 105 years the medal was not awarded. In one exceptional case, namely the year 2005, two medals were awarded. Our records, particularly for the period 1970 to 1990, are not always complete as far as dates of birth (and where appropriate death) are concerned. Please help us to complete, and where necessary correct, the information.

Many of the award winners, particularly during the first half century, also served as President of the Association at one of its annual congresses. This is indicated by the letter “P” and the appropriate year in parentheses after the entry (a list of Presidents was published in the centenary edition of the Rudolf Marloth Brochure in 1902). An asterisk following a name indicates that a biography of the person has been compiled and included in the S2A3 Biographical database of southern African science. Biographical information on the more recent awardees, is published in the relevant year's Marloth Brochure.

1908 Dr Sir Arnold Theiler* (1867-1936) veterinary science (P 1912)
1909 Mr Harry Bolus* (1834-1911) botany
1910 Prof Sir John C Beattie* (1866-1946) physics (P 1928)
1911 Dr Louis A Péringuey* (1855-1924) entomology, archaeology
1912 Dr Alexander W Roberts* (1857-1938) astronomy (P 1913)
1913 Dr Arthur W Rogers* (1872-1946) geology (P 1922)
1914 Prof H W Rudolf Marloth* (1855-1931) botany, chemistry (P 1914)
1915 Mr Charles P Lounsbury* (1872-1955) entomology
1916 Dr Thomas R Sim* (1858-1938) botany, forestry
1917 Prof John D F Gilchrist* (1866-1926) zoology, marine biology (P 1923)
1918 Dr Robert T A Innes* (1861-1931) astronomy (P 1915)
1919 Dr James Moir* (1874-1929) chemistry, astronomy
1920 Dr Ernest Warren* (1871-1946) zoology
1921 Dr Sir Frederick S Lister (1876-1939) medical research
1922 Dr Illtyd B Pole Evans* (1879-1961) botany, mycology (P 1920)
1923 no award
1924 no award
1925 Prof Robert B Young* (1874-1949) geology
1926 no award
1927 Dr Annie Porter (1880-1963) parasitology
1928 Dr Henry H Green* (1885-1961) biochemistry, veterinary science
1929 Dr Robert Broom* (1866-1951) palaeontology (P 1933)
1930 Dr Alexander L du Toit* (1878-1948) geology (P 1934)
1931 Prof Harold B Fantham (1876-1937) zoology (P 1927)
1932 Prof John W Bews (1884-1938) botany (P 1931)
1933 Dr Adrianus Pijper (1886-1964) pathology (P 1943)
1934 Prof Petrus J du Toit* (1888-1967) zoology, veterinary science (P 1932)
1935 Dr Edwin P Phillips* (1882-1967) botany (P 1942)
1936 Dr John Hewitt* (1880-1961) zoology, archaeology
1937 Prof Cornelius G S de Villiers (1894-1978) genealogy (P 1940)
1938 Prof Percival R Kirby (1887-1970) history, musicology (P 1954)
1939 Prof Raymond A Dart (1893-1988) anatomy, physical anthropology (P 1953)
1940 Dr Austin Roberts* (1883-1948) mammalogy, ornithology
1941 Miss Dorothea F Bleek (1873-1948) ethnology, lexicography
1942 no award
1943 Dr Basil F J Schonland (1896-1972) physics (P 1952)
1944 Prof Clarence van Riet Lowe (1894-1956) archaeology (P 1950)
1945 Dr Keppel H Barnard (1887-1964) marine biology
1946 no award
1947 no award
1948 Dr Anthonie J T Janse (1877-1970) entomology
1949 Dr Gilles v d W de Kock* (1889-1973) veterinary science (P 1949)
1950 no award
1951 Dr Robert A Dyer (1900-1987) botany (P 1961)
1952 Dr Sidney H Skaife (1889-1976) entomology (P 1948)
1953 Prof Joseph Gillman (1907-1981) physiology, anatomy
1954 Prof Robert H Compton (1886-1979) botany (P 1957)
1955 Dr Botha de Meillon (1903-2000) entomology
1956 Dr Reginald F Lawrence (1897-1987) zoology
1957 Prof Matthew R Drennan (1885-1965) physical anthropology, human anatomy
1958 Margaret R B Levyns (1890-1975) botany
1959 Dr Albert J Hesse (1895-1987) entomology
1960 Dr S Meiring Naudé (1904-1985) physics (P 1956)
1961 Prof Frank L Warren (1905-1980) chemistry
1962 Dr Simon Biesheuvel (1908-1991) psychology (P 1963)
1963 Dr Ronald Elsdon-Dew (1909-1984) medical research (P 1959)
1964 Dr James E van der Plank (1908- ) plant pathology
1965 Prof Govert van Drimmelen* (1911-2003) veterinary science (P 1964)
1966 Dr Vivian F M Fitzsimons (1901-1975) herpetology
1967 Prof Phillip V Tobias, palaeo-anthropology
1968 no award
1969 Dr Charles Koch (1904-1970) entomology, ecology
1970 Dr Wilhelm O D M Neitz* (1906-1997) veterinary science
1971 Prof L H Ahrens (1918-1990) spectrochemistry, geochemistry
1972 Prof Frank R N Nabarro (1916- ) physics
1973 Dr Edna P Plumstead (1903-1989) geology, palaeobotany
1974 Prof J P Friedel Sellschop (1903-2002) physics
1975 no award
1976 Prof Adolf P G Söhnge (1913- ) geology
1977 Dr Leslie E W Codd (1908- ) botany
1978 Dr Eric C Halliday (1904-1996) physics
1979 Prof Wilhelm E Frahn (1926-1982) physics
1980 Prof T H Bothwell, iron metabolism in humans
1981 Prof Victor Pretorius, physical chemistry, chromatography
1982 Prof Daniel M Joubert (1928-1994) animal science
1983 Dr James H S Gear (1905-1994) medical research
1984 Dr W L Grant, engineering, uranium enrichment
1985 no award
1986 Dr Nico Stutterheim, concrete engineering
1987 Dr Frank J Hewitt, engineering research and advancement of science
1988 no award
1989 Prof Brian Warner, astronomy
1990 Dr Christoph F Garbers (1929- ) chemistry, advancement of science
1991 Prof Pieter N Stoker, physics
1992 Dr Reinhardt R Arndt, chemistry, advancement of science
1993 Prof George F R Ellis, applied mathematics
1994 Prof Michael C Kew, medical research
1995 Prof Cristopher F Cresswell (1933- ) plant physiology
1996 Dr David R Woods, microbiology
1997 Dr C K (Bob) Brain, palaeontology, prehistory
1998 Prof Johannes H van der Merwe, solid state physics
1999 Prof Peter E Cleaton-Jones, dental science
2000 Prof Kanti D Bhoola, pharmacology
2001 Prof Trevor M Lecher, physical chemistry, advancement of science
2002 Prof William F Harris, ophthalmic optics
2003 no award
2004 Prof Pieter S Steyn (1940- ) organic chemistry
2005 Prof Ralph Kirsch, internal medicine; and Prof Michael Wingfi eld, forest diseases
2006 Prof R Norman Owen-Smith, ecology, conservation biology
2007 Prof Wieland Gevers, medical research, advancement of science
2008 Prof Patrick G Eriksson (1952- ) geology
2009 Prof Richard M Cowling (1955- ) botany, nature conservation
2010 Prof Johannes van Staden (1939- ) botany
2011 Prof Casper J H Schutte (1934-2013), physical chemistry
2012 Prof Dan Joseph Stein (1962- ), neuroscience

The Pretoria Branch

The Pretoria Branch of S2A3 remains the only Branch of the Association. The branch’s function is to organize interesting lectures on a variety of scientific topics by persons well qualified in their specific fields. The lectures are generally held during the academic year at 17:15 on the first Wednesday of each month. The current venue is the Sci-Enza Science Centre, University of Pretoria. There is safe parking close to the venue. The Pretoria Branch also acts as host to the yearly awards ceremony that is held during November. The committee members of the Pretoria branch are:

Prof Walter Meyer (Chair)
Ms Rejaene van Dyk
Dr Claudia Zander

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

National Council members

National President:

Dr Ian Raper


National Treasurer:

Prof Walter Meyer


National Secretary:

Mrs Shirley Korsman



Eastern Cape: Ms Jacqueline Barnette

Western Cape: Vacant

Gauteng: Dr Frans Korb 

Kwazulu-Natal: Prof Brice Martincigh

North West: Vacant

Free State & Northern Cape: Vacant


Council Members:

Prof Cornelis Plug 

Prof Michael Wingfield

Dr Claudia Zander

Dr Albe van der Merwe

Mr Braam Smit

Mrs Esme den Dulk 

Mr Eugen Hanau


Past Presidents serving on Council:

Prof. Paul Smit



Awards Presented by the S2A3

The South Africa Medal (Gold)

The South Africa Medal [Gold] is awarded by the S2A3 to the most outstanding scientist nominated who has contributed both locally and internationally in his particular field of science. Most winners of this award have established themselves as exceptional scientists for many years. However, the award has also been made to very young scientists in the past e.g. Professor JPF Sellschop and Professor PV Tobias.

This prestigious award recognizes the exceptional contribution to the advancement of science, on a broad front or in a specialized field, by an eminent South African scientist. The recipient traditionally delivers the annual Marloth Commemorative Lecture. Among the many so honoured have been Professors Phillip Tobias, JPF Sellschop, Brian Warner, Pieter Stoker, GFR Ellis, MC Kew and CF Cresswell, Jan H van der Merwe as well as Drs CF Garbers, RR Arndt, DR Woods and Bob Brain.

The British Association Medal (Silver)

The silver medal is awarded to a person under the age of 40 who is actively engaged in research and has, by way of international participation and publications, shown outstanding capability and achievement. It is one of the highest awards granted for original scientific research in South Africa. Recipients have included Professors DA McNamara, Ortrud Oerllermann, JSJ van Deventer and BM Herbst, JH Enslin, EH Mathews, Wayne Goddard, OC de Jager, and Dr SH Connell.

S2A3 Medal and S2A3 Medal (Technikon)

This award is sponsored by S2A3. It serves to commend and encourage local science students at Masters level. The award is made at the discretion of each university and university of technology to the best masters degree student in a scientific discipline.

Merit Certificates

Over the years numerous awards have been made to people who have contributed, each in their own way, to either the advancement of science or the association's activities. Previous recipients have included Dr Graham Baker, Professor Johan Wolfaardt, Dr Freek Kok, Professor Michael Wingfield, Dr R Rollnick, Dr Frans Korb, Mrs Ursula Ortner (posthumously), Messrs Marinus Wijnbeek, Fritz van Rooyen and Dr Glyn Jones. The 2002 recipients of this award were the 50/50 team, Professor Will Alexander, Dr Bob Brain, Dr Phil Minnaar, Professor Peter Tyson, and Dr John Vogel. Professor Govert van Drimmelen was awarded a special Centenary award for his contribution to the advancement of Science, as well as for his work for the Association.

Lists of award winners

South Africa Medal (Gold) winners

British Association Medal - Silver

Merit Certificate Winners 

A Short History of the S2A3


The Association founded from British Association for the Advancement of Science. First President was Sir David Gill. Some other presidents include Gen J Smuts [1925], Hon Jan H Hofmeyr [1929], Dr Robert Broom [1933], Dr SM Naude [1956] and Prof DM Joubert [1979/80].



The publication Report of the South African Association for the Advancement of Science is published.



The British Association visited South Africa. To commemorate the visit a fund for the South Africa Medal [Gold] was established.



The recipient of the first South Africa Medal [Gold] was Sir Arnold Theiler. Since then the medal has been awarded more than 80 times. Recipients have been among others, Rudolph Marloth, Robert Broom, Austin Roberts, Meiring Naude, Phillip Tobias, Bob Brain, Govert van Drimmelen and Jacques Sellschop.



The Report was renamed to the South African Journal of Science / Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Wetenskap. In this journal South African scientists published the results of their research. The journal still exists, but there is no longer a connection with the S2A3.



The second visit by the British Association took place, during which the British Association Medal [Silver] was introduced in order to give recognition to younger scientists for their achievements. It is now awarded to the most outstanding scientist under the age of 40 nominated for this award.



The first recipient of the British Association Medal [Silver] was Miss Nellie Paterson. This medal has been awarded more than 40 times.



The S2A3 Merit Certificates were established. These certificates were awarded to any person who had made a valuable contribution either to science or to the Association.



The introduction of the young scientists' EXPO, of which the S2A3 was one of the initiators.



The Bronze Medal was introduced. This medal is awarded annually to the best masters student at each South African university or university of technology that wishes to make the award. It was originally sponsored by Gencor in 1981. The sponsorship fell away completely when Gencor was taken over by Billiton. Currently the award is sponsored by the S2A3 and is known as the S2A3 Bronze Medal, changed in 2008 to the S2A3 Medal.



A trust fund was received from the estate of the well known Dr Marloth. This fund sponsors the annual Marloth Brochure Commemorative Lecture and the Marloth Brochure.



Founding of the International Federation of Associations for the Advancement of Science and Technology [IFAAST] with S2A3 as a founder member. This organisation is no longer functional.



The Craib Fund was established as a result of the bequest from Dr Craib. The interest from this fund is made available each year for Mammal Research. The first recipient was Professor John Skinner of the Mammal Research Centre at the University of Pretoria in 1992. He continues to receive this grant annually.



In 1998 the S2A3 Bronze Medal was introduced for technikons as well as for universities. This award is sponsored by the S2A3 and is made to the best masters student in a scientific discipline at the discretion of each institution. The aim of the S2A3 is to encourage and give recognition to science students at masters level.  The student does not necessarily need to obtain a distinction for the degree. However, the authorities concerned should base their choice of winner on the high standard of original research work done by the candidate and the quality of the masters dissertation. Only students who have successfully completed a Masters Degree involving the completion of independent scientific research and an approved full dissertation in a scientific direction, are eligible for this award. Course work in any form is not accepted by S2A3 for this award.



The dictionary of South African Scientists was initiated by Professor Cornelis Plug, a natural scientist, Professor in Psychology and member of S2A3. The project was initiated to coincide with the Centenary celebrations of S2A3 in 2002



The S2A3 celebrated its centenary.



At the first S2A3 Council Meeting held in 2008 the Council Members decided to change the name of the S2A3 Bronze Medal to “S2A3 Medal” for original research at Masters level in order to avoid any misconceptions regarding the status of this award.
























At a meeting held in Cape Town in 1902, an association for the advancement of science was proposed. Sir David Gill was elected founder president of the Southern Africa Association for the Advancement of Science (S2A3) at the first meeting held in 1903. The aims of the organization, as originally stated, were to create a meeting ground for scientists and others with an interest in science, to encourage the pursuit of science among young people, and to commend and recognize those who have excelled in science.

Membership increased as new universities were established. Annual general meetings and congresses were held at venues including Bulawayo, Lourenco Marques (now Maputo), Grahamstown and Stellenbosch. National presidents of the S2A3 have included Sir Arnold Theiler, Dr Robert Broom, Professors C van Riet Lowe, Govert van Drimmelen, Eric Holm and Johan Wolfaardt, Gen JC Smuts, and the Hon. JH Hofmeyr. Over the years various scientific disciplines have "hived off" to form their own associations. 

Aims of the Association 

The Southern Africa Association for the Advancement of Science is a non-profit organization with the following objectives:

  1. Promotion of contact between associations, groups and individuals, professional as well as laymen, who are interested in all aspects of science and related activities.

  2. To initiate and organise gatherings and excursions with a scientific theme.

  3. To promote scientific and human activities which are environmentally friendly

  4. The promotion of a scientific approach to education.

The constitution of the S2A3 as well as the rules of the Association were last updated in 2009 and are available as pdf files for download here:

Constitution 2008 (revised 2009)  (22 k)

Regulations 2008 (revised 2009) (14 k)


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