5 March 2014: Prof Graeme Cumming received the British Association [Silver] Award and presented the Marloth Commemorative Lecture: "The resilience of ecosystem function: lessons from birds."

9 April 2014: Dr Henry Throop, University of Pretoria: "Astrobiology: Are we alone?"

21 May 2014: Prof Roy Booth, Professor of Physics, University of Pretoria,
previous Associate Director: Science and Operations, SKA South Africa: "The Square Kilometre Array - The world’s largest radio telescope is to be built in Africa!"

6 August 2014: Cornelis Human, Assistant Breeder, Sakata-Mayford: "What will we eat if ...."

1 October 2014: Dr Henry Throop, University of Pretoria: "Where will you be when an asteroid hits earth?"

5 November 2014: Prof Genevieve Langdon, University of Cape Town (Winner: British Association Medal): "Explosion protection and lightweight materials."